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Todd Burnes

I’m Todd. I am a designer at large focused on branding and brand development based in Phoenix, AZ. After 15+ years combined experience in action sports, music, film & television and entrepreneurship, I shifted my focus to design and branding. I realized that the common thread running through all of my professional experience was that I loved creating and I loved problem-solving. Applying those loves, while drawing from a wealth of life experience, pushes me to try and get in the heads of my client’s consumers. I believe that the work I do shouldn’t just be good, but should be purpose driven. In the words of a man I respect, “No Superfluous Flummery!”

When it comes to design, I don’t see myself as an “artist”. I’m not an illustrator, I’m not a painter (although I enjoy both), I try to be a craftsman. When I got my degree in design from The Art Institute of Phoenix, I never saw my training as “art”. My whole life I’ve been fascinated with figuring out what tools to use when, and why those tools are important. My way of creating is building. If its building brands, building graphics, or even building ideas, my passion is breaking things down to their base elements, and building them into successful, functional solutions.

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